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North Harbour Sports & Country Club

North Harbour Sport and Country Clubs online/social brand is Dairy Flat Club.

We decided to use Dairy Flat Club as it tells you where and what we are easily for all aspects of social media and online presence.

Are you a little bit confused? - Let us explain our unique situation...

De Hot Bar & Grill are our leasees - this means that they lease premises from us North Harbour Sports & Country Club. The business (Bar, Resturant, Events, Venue Hire, etc) is all the operation of De Hot Bar & Grill and is entirely seperate from us at the North Harbour Sports & Country Club. We are responsible for the Building, Grounds, Swimming Pool and Memberships.

That leaves the question, Why become a member of the North Harbour Sports & Country Club?

The team at De Hot Bar & Grill provide the in-house business, The North Harbour Sports & Country Club encourages people to become members. This allows us to maintain and upgrade the grounds, buildings and most importantly the swimming pool.

Membership Features:

  • Gate code for use of the saltwater swimming pool. (public can swim at the cost of $5 per swimmer during DE HOT opening hours)
  • Discount on selected beverages at the bar.
  • Club night Thursdays, meat raffles along with the chance to win the membership draw of up to $1000.
  • Annual Christmas party.
  • Not a member yet? Click here to join!

The Roof has just been completely re-roofed this past season and the pool area was upgraded with turf around the edges and a special thermal coating was applied to the pool itself. The revamp of our Bar/Bistro area with new carpet tiles, a coat of paint and change of decor is just the beginning of changes that we have instore.

Keep an eye out we have lots of exciting plans and events coming up soon!